What the advantage of the mink lashes business ?

What the advantage of the mink lashes business ?

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First , working at home.

You needn’t to rent an office to negotiate with your customer. Very convenient and easy. Besides , no CONVID-19 risk.

《why does calvin lashes still have so many markets in such a severe situation as covid-19》

An excellent Eyelash Vendor is the foundation of your successful eyelash business.Here are our sincere suggestions about how to negotiate successfully with the Lash Vendor and what professional questions to ask. and today dunhill Lashes will help you step by step on What questions should I ask my lash vendor? Lash Vendor Ⅰ. Ask for your vendor’s full name and location. This is very important. Most eyelash-producing areas are distributed in developing countries. The Top Lash Vendors must be in Qingdao, China, the birthplace and origin of eyelashes, where thousands of eyelash businesses occur. They produce high-quality inexpensive eyelashes with advanced technologies. eyelash vendors wholesale usa The eyelashes from vendors in Southeast Asian countries are all produced by machines so the price is comparatively low but the quality and the style are not as good as that produced in China. Chinese eyelashes can be used 25+ times, while the low-priced eyelash cannot be reused after being washed so its cost of each use is higher than that of the mink. Ⅱ. Ask whether your eyelash vendor possesses any core technologies. A professional Eyelash Vendor follows the production processes, but most in the market are eyelash-sellers. The process determines the quality of eyelashes, and if you want to know more about production processes in the market, please add our WhatsApp, and you will enjoy the professional training. professional Eyelash Vendor Ⅲ. How many pairs of eyelashes can a worker produce per day on average? If the vendor cannot answer the professional question well, he must be the Wholesale Lashes Vendor instead of the Eyelash Factory. If the answer is 50 to 100 pairs a day, their lashes must not be purely handmade, for a skilled technician produces only 10 pairs a day. A growing number of people are choosing us as their Eyelash Vendor because our process is stricter, technology is more advanced and costs higher than others. Wholesale Lashes Vendor Ⅳ. Which material are the most popular eyelashes made from? An experienced factory that has accumulated market data will tell you Mink is the best material. Only some low-end factories use other materialsThere are several reasons why mink is popular. most popular eyelashes The texture of the mink is soft, light, and comfortable.looks very realistic and natural.It is a symbol of dignity and luxury, and a manifestation of feminine charm.reusable.Choosing mink as the main product can increase market share, promote sales, and maximize profits. Ⅴ. Ask whether your vendor has the ability to design and produce the box. Many Eyelash Vendors in the market do not have design ability and R&D ability. A perfect box has its own design style and ideas. We have an independent team of designers who will confirm every detail ranging from logo design, color selection, box design to production according to the customer’s demand. Mink Eyelash Vendors Ⅵ. Ask whether your supplier has MOQ restrictions. There are generally two kinds of eyelash wholesalers in the market. One is the wholesaler with a very high MOQ limit whose eyelashes are cheap, low-quality and low-profit. The other is the wholesaler with high-quality eyelashes and without MOQ limit. Because of the high cost of raw materials and time, the price is slightly higher. To make more customers purchase and experience our high-end eyelashes, we do not set a MOQ. You can make purchasing decisions according to your budget and market positioning. mink eyelash wholesale distributor usa Ⅶ. Optional methods of payment. Most Eyelash Vendors choose Paypal , Western Union,alibaba,T/T payment but the financial requirements of each vendor are different. Stay away from fraudulent companies. How to avoid being deceived? Check the website, social media information, and product information of the company you want to cooperate with.If the company insists on marketing and its website is in the update status, it is a very professional and specific company. wholesale eyelashes and custom packaging Check the reviews and the truth of them to ensure them in line with the name of the vendor because the fraudulent company is likely to steal other vendor’s picture and information.Use Google for searching. A website that can be searched by using natural search is in long-term operation and trusted and recommended by Google.If you want to know more ways, you can click WhatsApp to consult our staff directly. Ⅷ. How long is the transportation cycle? Normal air transportation is 2-4 working days, while sea transportation takes about 30 days. A professional and skilled salesman will choose a reasonable freight quotation according to your order, referring to time and cost factors to arrange the best transportation scheme. air transportation Ⅸ. How long can the goods be shipped after payment? A confident and professional vendor is well-stocked and can generally ensure delivery within 24 hours. However, it will take about 10 days if you customize the eyelash box. The printing technology needs 3 days or so. eyelash box vendors If your vendor delays the delivery due to special reasons, such as a large number of orders in peak season, heavy work pressure and so on, a professional and responsible vendor will inform the customer of the delay time and delivery time as soon as possible. Ⅹ. What if the goods are damaged in transit? There are two main reasons for damaging: 1.The poor quality and hardness of the external packaging box fail to protect internal goods. 2.The violent transportation results in the collision and extrusion of goods. Eyelash Packaging Box Therefore, before placing an order, you should learn about these issues that will be solved efficiently by a responsible vendor. Of course, we have a simple but useful tip that can help you solve the transportation hazard to achieve safe transportation. If you want to know more, please contact us and then we will share with you this practical experience to keep goods safe.As an eyelash industry expert, we are delighted to share my professional knowledge and news with you. If you need more help, please feel free to contact us.

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Second, part-time.

You can just use your free time to do the job.Best selling mink eyelashes

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Third, Make a lot of money.

You could make a lot of money from the mink lashes business line. And we supply competitive wholesale price to you , and you will have too much profits from the business .

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Fourth, no employee.

You don’t have to hire any workers, you can do it easily by yourself.25mm 3D Mink Lashes Wholesale

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Fifth. via free social media.

You can easily take good us of your social media and you will find a lot of users via social media.So you can get orders from free social media platforms(Instagram, Facebook, YouTobe…)

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Sixth, less investment.

You only need a very low investment budget to start your lashes business line, and I suggest your first order should be a small one, and when you make profits from the first order, you can make a bulk orders to earn more.

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Seventh, no equipment .

There is no need to buy other equipment except your cell phone or computer you have .There are too many advantage for you to start mink lashes business line at home, that’s the best way to earn money in this hard time.25mm Mink Lashes

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