What Is Our Best-selling 20mm Mink Eyelash Design?

What Is Our Best-selling 20mm Mink Eyelash Design?

Recently eyelash manufacturer the most luxurious popular 22 mm and did a lot of updates, style is according to our customers every day now, according to their order quantity we collected some scientific data to analyzed for everyone one of the most popular the most eyelash eyelash style, hope I share these styles, must be your customer’s favorite, so your program when these when your customers like the eyelashes will purchase from you, so they your eyelash business will be better
Every time our customers order eyelashes from us.

eyelash packaging cardboard

Their customers will not buy to them at very fast speed, and they will be sold out soon, this is our grasp of some scientific data, and to teach our customers how to order one of the most popular program styles, I recommend to you today the most popular eyelash style, and I also took the beautiful pictures for you, you can send the photos to your clients, I believe your client a glance will very, very like and fall in love with him
wholesale mink lash vendors will tell you that dmo02dm06dm05 is the largest order and the shows are the most popular according to our customers’ order data
Some customers like thick ones to make them look fluffy, so I recommend dm16. Bm16 is a double-layer eyelash, which is very thick And very natural. And bm 08 is also very thick
This is our most Korean style

eyelash packaging sample

I still have some clients who like the more precious style, so, um, I recommend Dm07, some clients have very thin and natural eyelashes
If you like it, please contact me on my QQ video and tell me the style you like.
You can rest assured to wholesale mink eyelashes to us. Today I will share with you the order records of our customers, and you will understand how right you are to believe us.
This is today’s transaction record, this is yesterday’s transaction record, this is the day after tomorrow’s transaction record, do you still doubt whether our company will cheat you?
Of course not. We are a professional supplier of mink eyelashes.
We want our customers to be better.
We want our customers to have a better eyelash business.
We meet our customers to establish a long-term relationship.
And help us become successful.
But several of my clients have told me why they didn’t meet me earlier because they had been cheated several times before.
I believe you are lucky because you met our company.

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