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Update  Eyelashes Packageing Style 

ANR Lashes is an experienced Eyelash Packaging eyelash vendors, where we have the best quality

lashes boxes mink eyelashes and the most innovative custom eyelash package boxes.
Constant updates are the hallmark of our Dunhill Lashes

Today we are introducing our latest lashes packaging Square box and our new diamond box. I will put the catalogue of custom eyelash boxes here to better see more of our styles
In this box we use the overall pink star flash box with a square window in front of the box. This pink we call baby pink.The second box is our marble square lashes package Marble lines are now a very popular style

. There are a lot of eyelash packaging  all of which are designed in marble. Our marble designs come in different colors and shapes, with squares, rectangles and diamond shapes. The following box is square and has a square window to see the custom packaging inside the box.The third is our square laser square box
The color of the laser has always been the most popular, this color is very luxurious and high-end. If you like this box and want to customize eyelash box it with your own eyelash logo, please send us your logo and we will customize it for you.

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