Teach You To Distinguish The Quality Of 3D Mink Individual Lashes

Teach You To Distinguish The Quality Of 3D Mink Individual Lashes

Recently a lot of friends, just started 3D Mink Individual Lashes business, they look for 3d silk eyelashes manufacturers from the website.Some people look for mink 3d mink eyelash vendors on instagram or youtube, or facebook.

Where are you looking for mink eyelash wholesale?Where do you think the mink lash vendor of mink eyelashes is more reliable?

How do you choose eyelash supplier?

Do you know how to discern eyelash quality stand or fall?

Eyelash lashes?The weight of eyelash?The material of eyelash?

 Mink Lash Vendor

Today I have prepared an experiment for you, and I will teach you how to distinguish between good and bad quality.

You see, I’ve got two pairs of eyelashes, and these are bad eyelashes, right?These are a pair of fancy eyelashes.1. Let’s look at the inferior eyelashes first. As you can see, they are very uneven and hard to touch.Let’s take a look at these fine lashes, the lashes are very soft, very thin, the hair goes from thick to thin, very natural.

And very light, must be very comfortable wearing.No eyelash roots.2.

Next, test the eyelashes for hair loss.I rubbed my hands hard on this poor eyelash.Let me give it another rub.I rubbed it all around.And you can see, this eyelash band is out of shape, and it’s losing a lot of hair underneath, a lot of hair underneath.The strap is broken.

Next, let’s take a look at premium eyelashes and knead them.Down.Drag.It doesn’t have any short hair.No deformation.No shedding.It’s still beautiful.If you wash it with water, it will curl up even more in the sun.Shaggier.

And then we put it on our models for testing.Let’s see how it works.Is still very beautiful!So, when you choose, you must high-grade mink eyelash.Our eyelashes can be reused 20-30 times.Our eyelashes are the most customer-oriented.

Only when your customers are comfortable and beautiful can they give you good feedback, recommend more customers to you and buy from you repeatedly.

Do you agree?Ok, that’s all for my experiment. Did you get anything out of it?Comment on how you are looking for a reliable

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