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How to maintain 3d mink individual lashes better?

How to maintain 3d mink individual lashes better?

How to maintain 3d mink individual lashes better?

Today I will simply introduce how to better maintain your 3d mink individual lashes.

Our 3d mink hair lashes are handmade.Our China 3d mink fur eyelash suppliers make bigger lashes, more layers.Our raw materials are of the highest quality.The process is very strict.

3d mink individual lashes
3d mink individual lashes

Our individual lash manufacturers technology is very unique and advanced.An international patent has been filed.For example, use advanced glue to make custom mink lashes for sale.And made of pure cotton thread.So its service life is longer, can achieve 30 or so, so high-grade eyelash wants to maintain well ability is good.

siberian mink eyelash extensions manufacturers thinks eyelash maintains is the most important

Beloved friend, I sincerely suggest that during the process of use, pay attention not to pull bad eyelashes, and use tweezers to gently move mink lashes individuals from the eyelash holder.

When you remove your faux mink lashes each time, gently pull the lashes away from the inner corner of the mink 3d hair stalk to separate the lashes from the glue

Avoid contact with mascara and other liquids.

siberian mink eyelash extensions manufacturers
siberian mink eyelash extensions manufacturers

Put the eyelashes in the eyelash box after use, and cover the eyelash box

Don’t use strong glue. Eyelash sticks to the line, unless you swim with eyelashes.This will increase its service life.You will love them more and more.I’ll go into more detail in the next article.

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Mink Lash Vendors Wholesale China 3d Lashes Suppliers,

Mink Lash Vendors Wholesale China 3d Lashes Suppliers

Do you want to know our most mink lash vendors wholesale authentic customer feedback?Do you want to know how a good business works well with customers?

Today I share with you the most authentic feedback about our 3d mink lash extensions for sale, mink eyelashes.In the process of getting to know each other, it is possible that you will have the same scenario when you how to find lash vendors, negotiate with the supplier.I will also tell you how to judge the best quality suppliers.

Today I shared my fancy mink eyelash pictures and videos on my social media app.A friend saw it and contacted me.We added whatsapp to each other. Our business is about to start

3d Mink Lashes Amazon Mink Lashes Individuals

First of all, my client is a man.He told me that he was going to start the eyelash business,China 3d lashes suppliers,  and now he has suggested a lot of suppliers.Every supplier is saying that their eyelashes are the best in the world.Every synthetic mink lashes wholesale,sends him the most beautiful pictures and videos.

He couldn’t tell what was the real premium mink eyelashes?Some siberian mink eyelash extensions for sale, send images that are distorted.It’s an exaggeration.And they used beauty.It looks really good.But you know what?Dear friend, you must be careful at this time.3d eyelashes manufacturers could be lying to you using someone else’s picture.They steal the best pictures of their products from other people’s social software.A lot of friends are scared?What are we going to do now?We are shopping online, far away, only with pictures and videos.And I’m going to teach you a way to avoid that.I best mink 3d lashes teach you a quick way to help you tell the difference between true and false.Learn my way, your eyelash business will be more successful, more successful.

China Individual Eyelash Factory

My method is very simple, when you negotiate with china individual eyelash factory,, you can ask him to make a video about eyelashes for you.When you make a video, you tell him your name and ask him to write it on paper, as the background of the video, and then appear in the video at the same time as the human hair false lashes manufacturers,.This ensures that your supplier is showing you real eyelashes,True eyelash quality
It’s like she’s signing off to make the video unique.
Or you can put today’s date in the video together.

Have I learned this little skill?Go and use it quickly.More tips do you want to learn? Keep an eye on me.Do you want to know more mink fur eyelash suppliers,?Please keep an eye on me.I will tell you the most professional eyelash knowledge.Help your eyelash business go better.My article helps you avoid more unnecessary trouble.Help you become more experienced and professional!