Sample Pack

Sample Pack

Usually many customers have just started their eyelash business and look for eyelash vendors , and many people don’t know much about the eyelash industry. TodayAnr  Lashes  wholesale mink lashes  most professional industry analysis to solve all your problems!!!

Do you want to find the best sample pack start your own eyelash brand?
Do you want to know how to choose the best selling eyelash style?
Do you know how to match the length and style of the eyelashes?
Please see the scheme I gave below. There is always a solution for you, whether you start the eyelash business at low cost or want to join the high-end market, there are solutions you want below.

Sample Pack 1⇔ Only $46

This samplep pack includes 2 pairs of 20mm luxury 3d mink eyelashes and 2 pair of 25mm dramatist eyelashes. DM10 and DM16,This is two of the most popular. The DM16 is very thick and double-layered. Great for girls who like thicker.DL04 and DL07 is very dramatic, they are 25mm.

Do you want to see more details about these styles?Do you want to see how my client wears it?Real pictures of these styles(click)


If you want customize 25mm eyelashes style (click)

Sample Pack 2Only $55

This sample pack includes 3 pair 20mm of luxurious mink eyelashes, which are the most popular styles and They are DM02/DM08/DM05. There is also 25mm DL series, which is very dramatic. They are DL08/DL02. Total 5 pair eyelashes  If you want customize  DM series 20mm eyelashes style (click)

Sample Pack 3⇔ Only $55


Sample Pack 4⇔ Only $99

Sample Pack 5Only $85

Sample Pack 6Only $89

Sample Pack 7Only $89

This program is most suitable for people who have just started the eyelash business, with low cost and the most cost-effective.

Sample Pack8Only $99 (Most Luxurious)

This sample pack has a unique advantage. This is a sample pack that you can’t find with other suppliers.
It includes 10 pairs of eyelashes and 10 luxury custom packaging,We have more than 100 packaging styles to choose from.If you want to see more custom packaging style.

Sample Pack 9⇔ Only $115

eyelash vendors
eyelash vendors

$115 include 18 pair lashes for DC series and 18 diamond box and shipping cost ,what do think ?if you want order this sample pack ,pleace clin my whatsappp .

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