Our Eyelash Case Are Complimentary

Our Eyelash Case Are Complimentary

I’m really giving away our Eyelash Case

.Our company is to support our customers to start their own business, we provide them with the best eyelash packaging custom, the most beautiful packaging boxes, and the lowest price.

wholesale lash vendors
wholesale lash vendors

Eyelash Packaging/Custom Eyelash Packaging

Therefore, our factory designed a unique and exquisite eyelash case packing box that is not available in any other supplier.This is the only mould in our private label manufacturers..We create a beautiful, cheap private label cosmetics, is to support our customers entrepreneurship.Custom Lash Packaging/Eyelash Box Packaging

Usually, customers want to start their eyelash business at a lower cost, but in most factories in the market, the minimum order quantity of their custom packaging is 100 or more.But it takes a lot of money to customize 100 eyelash wrappers.But a lot of customers, because they don’t want to take such a big risk at the beginning, they just want to start from small cost and gradually grow bigger.

Private Label Manufacturers/Eyelash Case

But only our company can support moq 30, and can print your logo on your box.If you want to experience our sample order, you can also order our eyelash packing boxes in unlimited quantity.To support your new business venture.What if you could buy 30 pairs of eyelashes?We can also give you 30 diamond wrappers for free.This will greatly reduce your costs.Will give you a strong competitive edge in your local eyelash market.Make your eyelash business better and smoother.
In the picture I uploaded, are you the exquisite diamond packing box specially launched by our company?This is something that no other supplier can do.However, our company is to establish a long-term cooperative relationship with you, so we are very supportive of the beginning of your eyelash business.If you want to create your own brand of eyelashes.Besides, I would like to tell you that it is really easy to design the logo, because the cost of customizing the logo in our company is very, very low, but our company only needs 10 dollars, and you can print your logo on your packaging box
In this regard, we wholeheartedly for the sake of our customers, wholeheartedly to reduce the cost of customersIf you don’t have your own logo.It doesn’t matter, please rest assured that we have a professional design team to help you design the logo.If you have other ideas, please contact our company WhatsApp+8615264405993, I will give you the most professional analysis and help.

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