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False Eyelashes Always Paste Bad? 6 Skills Can’t Be Lost In A Day

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wholesale 100% real siberian mink fur mink eyelashes 3d mink lashes

False Eyelashes Are Stylish Tools

especially when you take pictures, which make your eyes more attractive. Many people reject Mink Lashes Private Label because they make glue all over the place every time. Or stick the eyelashes on the eyelids and make 6 tips for you to make it easy to stick false eyelashes. With these tipss, you can also become a skilled worker wearing Mink Lashes Private Label.

First, The Correct Pruning False Eyelashes Is A “Too Short In The Hand

wearing on the eyes too long” thing, the longest eyelash in the middle, slightly shorter on both sides. The average length ranges from 5 millimeters to 10 millimeters. If you want a false eyelash to look natural after wearing it, the length should not be exaggerated and the width should be suitable for your eyes.

Measure whether the length and width of the false eyelash is appropriate, if it is too long. Use the small scissors to subtract some of it. Remember to trim the length of time to maintain the original Radian, otherwise all the eyelashes, look too false; When pruning width, you should cut off the long part of the eye head and the end of the eye separately.

Do not just cut off the end of the eye Superfluous part

Second, Oil Absorption Grease Will Make False Eyelashes Difficult To Fix

if you are oily skin, may be a bit of a problem in wearing. Wear false eyelashes, first use oil paper to clean the grease on the eyelids, If you want to recycle Mink Lashes Private Label, do not use oily makeup removal products to avoid affecting the second round of use.

Three, Tens Of Seconds When We Worry With Mink Lashes Private Label

should tell you good stuff is worth waiting. Waiting for ten seconds to let the glue stick will make the final effect is not the same. If just glue anxious paste false eyelashes, Mink Lashes Private Label will run completely, can not be fixed in you want it for the position.

Four, Looking Down At Most Of Us Will Put Our Nose In The Mirror

thinking that the closer we look to the mirror, the more clearly we can see it, right? Actually, this is not right! Putting the mirror under your face is the right choice. This is the best way to see your eyelashes.

Fifth, Starting With The Eye Head, Find The Position Of The Eye Head

point one end of the Mink Lashes Private Label to the position of the eye head; stick the middle part again, and stay at this stage to make the glue work; finally, arrange the part of the end of the eye.

Six, cover gap in true eyelash and Mink Lashes Private Label often appear gap is the distress of a lot of people. Need not tear down to paste again, eye shadow can solve this problem. You just need to use black subgloss eye shadow to fill the gap. It doesn’t leave any trace. It also makes the glue dry faster.

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