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3D Mink Lashes

Remember To Choose The Natural Hair False Eyelashes, Look At The Most Natural

 Own Brand/OEM/Private Label Wholesale 3D 100% Mink Fur False Eyelashes Silk Lashes Packaging
Own Brand/OEM/Private Label Wholesale 3D 100% Mink Fur False Eyelashes Silk Lashes Packaging

Here’s what you need to read when you start putting on mink lashes manufacturers.

Steps For Wearing Upper Eyelashes

1, clip their eyelashes

brush a layer of mascara shape, to avoid true false eyelashes stratification.

2, take the eyelashes out of the box, when you take them

please pull the root of the eyelashes. Because it is sticky when you take it down, please put the eyelashes up to the length of the eyelashes. The eyelashes are not stuck from the head to the tail. But observe their own eyelashes, the head of the 8mm is no eyelash Yo, of course, false eyelashes do not stick there. If more than their eyes long, that part can be cut off.

3, in the root of eyelashes some glue

because the eye head and eye tail more easily up, so the glue is also relatively more put.

4, almost wait for 30 seconds after the official paste, from the end of the eye

we may see that the glue is white, do not worry about Oh. In the store there is a rye for everyone to choose from, the rye is used after some eyeliner effect.

5, take false eyelash in the middle

put the root of eyelash and press in, wait for half dry when adjust again, press up, let eyelash more warp. Finally

1. Use 3-segment clamp method to clip eyelash out of curl first. Take out false eyelashes carefully.

Single box false eyelashes of good texture can be used repeatedly, the whole box of multiple texture is rough. Use repeatedly at most 1-2 times.

2.Hold the two ends of the false eyelashes carefully.

Bend the curved, flexible false eyelashes repeatedly.

3.The mirror is set for yourself, first holding mink lashes manufacturers in your hand to compare the length of your eyes.

Then use a special scissors to trim your eyelashes, and cut off the extra parts of the two ends. Trim the eyelashes according to the length of the eyes. Apply the eyelash glue carefully to the stem of the false eyelash with a special accessory.

4 . Wait a little 20 – 30 seconds .

Hold on your eyelash root with a special helper , fix it on its own eyelash root , and then adjust it slightly according to the situation . If your eyes are closed , it ‘ s easy to stick to the skin , so be careful . When the eye is closed , it ‘ s easy to stick to the skin , and be careful . Just like it , it ‘ s easy to touch the false eyelashes .

Then Draw It With A Eyeliner Pen.

Maintenance of false eyelashes

If the eyelash is maintained properly, can use 10-20 times repeatedly commonly. How to maintain and extend the life span of false eyelash?

Don’t paint mascara on false eyelashes.

Many of the methods of wearing eyelashes are that wearing false eyelashes

and then brush a layer of mascara can not let true false eyelashes stratified. But for false eyelashes cleaning will be very difficult. If you use a better quality, more expensive eyelashes, it is best not to do so, as long as the real eyelashes before sticking the shape of the clip. True mink lashes manufacturers are not stratified.

1, the use of eyelashes is gentle.

Don’t pull your eyelashes hard, try to keep the radians at the root of the mink lashes manufacturers and comb them with your eyelashes when you run out.

2, do not wash with water

if dirty can use brush to gently brush, kill glue can go hand gently pull, but do not wash with water. Human hair is not a normal hard fiber. If dirty can be brushed gently, kill glue can go to hand gently pull, but do not wash with water oh, human hair is not ordinary hard fiber.

A detailed pruning tutorial for mink lashes manufacturers

Let’s Get Ready: Mink Lashes Manufacturers, Glue, Scissors.

The false eyelash clip, it is better than the transverse length of short 8mm their eyes. Confirm the eye head and eye tail over 5mm 3mm began to open position.

In this way, you can avoid eye head and eye tail possible discomfort.

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