Is This Custom Packaging N ecessary For Our Eyelash Business?

  • YouIs this custom packaging necessary for your eyelash business

design the eyelash package you want according to the look you like, no matter what it is, we have a professional design team to help you achieve your dream. Such a small moq as ours is very rare in the market. We also use 3d printer to print your logo for you. I have placed the most beautiful and popular style in the front of my website. If you like it, please contact my whatsapp

When you first started your lashes vendots business, you must have wanted to create your own brand of eyelashes. Today, in order to support your business, our company has launched 48 luxury customized packages. Every luxury eyelash box is carefully designed and professionally made. And you can choose any packaging and print your logo.
Usually at other suppliers. Their minimum order quantity is above 100. But our company in order to be able to reduce the risk of entrepreneurs. You can choose your own company in order to reduce the cost of customers. We create luxurious customized packaging, and most importantly, our customized packaging, the minimum order quantity is only 30. For each of my eyelash packaging boxes, you can print your logo.
In the picture I show a lot of my customers custom packaging, 30.They start their eyelash brand business at minimal cost.This is very rare.

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