How did my client succeed in starting the wool business?

How did my client succeed in starting the eyelash business?

Now every day a lot of people start their eyelash business.But there are a lot of people who don’t know how to start their eyelash business.

But usually, a lot of my clients, they start their eyelash business in the form of sample orders.
My clients usually find me on my website.They chose 5 or 7 of the most popular eyelash styles
So these eyelash styles are usually chosen by my customers through my catalog, or I recommend the best selling styles for them.
When my clients choose what they like, I start packing for themUsually our company sends FedEx, or DHL
Lashes are usually received within 3 or 5 days
When my customers receive eyelashes, they are very surprised, they are very happy because they choose their favorite style of eyelashes, and they can’t wait to wear it.
To experience it
In general, I would advise my clients to share their lashes with their good friends and let them bring their lashes.
But as a result, their friends were super satisfied and advised my clients to repeatedly order more eyelashes from me to start their business because they felt, We are the most reliable quality.

My clients will place an order within 1/2 days of receiving my package.This order is the official start of the eyelash business.In the second order, my customers usually order their own logo, and create their own eyelash brand, because this can be more professional to their customers, Provide better eyelashes
My clients will choose their favorite and most beautiful packaging style, then customize it, and print the logo on the box.

Have you learned anything by sharing with me the experience of my clients starting to shave?This is the most normal and professional way to start the show business.

Of course, in this process, we will encounter many problems.
Do you want to know anything else? Welcome comments
I will use the blog to give you the most professional answer.

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