Eyelash Packaging Box

Eyelash Packaging Box

We are a Chinese mink eyelash supplier, we provide high quality mink lashes AND Eyelash Packaging Box .If you want to start an eyelash business, or are in the eyelash business.I must be your right supplier.Because I offer the best products at the lowest price.

I’ve prepared two styles of eyelashes for you, and let’s see, on the right is a very dramatic eyelash. 25mm. The eyelashes on the left are not often fluffy. Which style do you prefer? Can you comment on your favorite style? Welcome to me. Which is your interest?

Recently, many friends asked me some questions, my customers want to create their own eyelash brand.They want to give lashes a special name.And they want to put the name of the eyelash on the package.It must be understood that in this case you need to customize the label, in most suppliers where the custom label needs a very high price.Don’t go to the supplier, each eyelash name costs about $20.However, our company is very advantageous.
At this point.We can help you customize the label at the lowest cost.This is the end of the video, we make your eyelash name for all the process.You can learn more about my website.I can share with you more experience in the eyelash business.

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