Do you know how mink eyelashes are made?

Do you know how mink eyelashes are made?

First, design the eyelashes.

All the mink false eyelashes we produce are designed by our own designers. Therefore, our luxurious mink eyelashes are unique in the market.

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Secondly, the structure of mink eyelashes.

We will make a structure drawing based on the design document. And after repeated experiments, choose the best eyelashes to make the picture, in order to make the eyelashes look the most beautiful, to satisfy a large number of mink eyelash loversOur skilled workers put the mink skins one by one on the structural drawings

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Third, fix it with an eyelash band.

We will tie up the soft band to fix the siberian mink lashes wholesale, and then use glue to make the eyelash bands together to make an eyelash band suitable for the eyes, which makes the eyes more comfortable when wearing.Wholesale 3D Mink Eyelash Vendor

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Fourth, make 3D effects.

We will use a physical process to make 3d mink lashes bulk fluffy curling effects, and our process is safe and unique in the market. The perfect 3D effect can last a long time.

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Fifth, put the eyelashes on the tray

Then, our professional staff will transfer the curled eyelashes that we have formed to the eyelash tray. Put on the eyelash cover to keep the 3d mink lashes wholesale healthy and perfect shape.So, if you are interested in making 3d mink wholesale lashes, you can add whatsapp to learn more.

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