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Americans have a bold and unrestrained personality.They like their eyelashes to be more exaggerated and bushy.Because they think it’s a surprise to show their individuality.Based on this, Anrlashes designed and developed 18mm/21mm long eyelashes, as they required very high raw materials in the production process.It must have long hair, curved hair, thick hair.So in the eyelash production process is extremely difficult and takes time!

In order to ensure the eyelash out of the effect and look beautiful and novel.We use the longest hairs on a mink’s tail.In order to ensure the softness of the hair, the age of mink is also very important.The hair chosen is the hair of mink aged 1-2 years old.That part of the peak is very long, the peak is not cut off, there is no hair.Tips: dear friends, other suppliers of cheap and low-end ciliary hairs for mink are all short hairs for other parts of mink body, regardless of the age of hair, quality of mink hair, and many of the hair tips are broken. Some hair follicles and hair tips look unnatural when mixed together.I don’t think these eyelashes will look good either.Consumers won’t like it either.Do you agree with me, my friend?

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