What Is Print 3D Logo Custom Box

Print 3D Logo Custom Box

Wour eyelash brand with the lowest cost?uld you like to print your logo on the luxury   custom box to build your eyelash brand?

Do you want to create yoU

Our factory only needs 2~3 days to deliver customized luxury lashes packaging. Is this what you want And that’s something no other vendor can do right now.

There is such a problem in the market at present

lashes packaging box
Many clients want to start the eyelash business, but they don’t want to invest more in the first place.

More customers want to start small because there is more risk in investing more money

Eyelash Packing
A lot of friends want to print their logo on the lashes package, but the minimum order quantity of all suppliers in the market is 100 or more at present.

But usually people who start eyelash business will not accept the number of 100, because the number of 100 will have a higher cost. This is something that worries a lot of customers.

Today I will give you a plan, perfect let you worry about disappear.$105 eyelash packing.

And more than super luxury eyelash package style, you choose.

To solve this problem, our company has made great changes.

I think this change must be what you want.

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