Choose your lashes according to your eye shape.

According to the popular classification, there are four types of eye shapes: CAT, DOLL, ROUND and WING. The corresponding eyelashes should also be used to complement the beauty of your eyes and face.We have many types of eyelashes to match, you can choose the appropriate type to dress up yourself.

If you have any urgent questions, you can answer them here.However, if you are confident in your ability, then there is no reason why you cannot use your eyelashes yourself, but make sure you follow the instructions very carefully.

Depending on the scene, use natural or exaggerated eyelashes

Eyelashes can be made of many different materials.The more expensive and natural-looking lashes are made from mink hair.

Eyelashes made from synthetic products are cheaper and no less flattering.There are many kinds of artificial eyelashes, as the saying goes: “you get what you pay for”.Look for quality products, not the cheapest you can find.

Consumer demand for mink eyelashes is no longer limited to looking natural.Natural eyelashes are only suitable for work and more solemn occasions, now the development of eyelashes.You can find grown eyelashes to wear to a weekend bash.For holiday travel, slightly exaggerated eyelashes and so on, eyelashes, from natural to dense, to exaggerated eyelashes, all kinds of models, you can always find a suitable for you to participate in the occasion of the special use of eyelashes.

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