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Mink eyelashes have been complained by customers!!!

crazy popularity of mink eyelashes

In recent years, with the crazy popularity of 3D mink eyelashes in the market.

more and more customers pursue to use mink eyelashes.

In the 21st century, it’s perfectly normal to be laughed at for not having a pair of mink eyelashes!

Give everybody to talk about grafting eyelash is what first.

Grafted eyelashes were popular before mink eyelashes.Because, grow eyelash to look more natural than the eyelash of chemical fiber on the market.

But as society advances, the pace of life quickens.It takes too long for eyelashes to be grafted once.

This greatly increases consumers’ time costs.

In the Internet age, time cost is a factor that everyone must consider.

Grafting eyelashes can take a long time

Grafting eyelashes can take a long time, which is unacceptable to consumers.Grafting at least 1-2 hours at a time, the time cost is too high too high!

Grafted eyelashes are fixed to finish the single chemical fiber eyelashes glued to their eyelashes.And oneself eyelash follows the metabolism of human body.

It starts falling off on the third day.He began to face distressing problems.The right and left eyes start to look asymmetrical.The grade of whole makeup look is pulled low.

The durability of the grafted eyelashes is poor.You need to keep grafting.It’s really a waste of time and will wear out your patience in the end.

Long-term grafting of eyelashes.It causes your own eyelashes to grow upside down or down.It will cause you a lot of trouble.The slightest touch to the eyes can cause pain.Tears!

Grafted eyelash once grafted, on a style, makeup style changed, eyelash can not change the style at any time, not flexible enough.

The eyelash of chemical fiber material on the market looks inflexible.

Eyelash does not have administrative levels feeling.Or have administrative levels to feel too inflexible.Chemical fiber eyelash eyeliner is too stiff.With a strong twinkling of the eye.

It’s not comfortable for you, not to mention it will bring you beauty.Can not work at ease, enjoy life!

natural animal hair as their sable. Mink eyelash is spiritual.Mink hair eyelashes realistic and natural.Mink eyelash fine workmanship.The eyelash of mink finalizes the design elegant and natural.

You can change your ferret style at will depending on the occasion and makeup you wear.Or natural.Or sexy…It’s more expensive, but it lasts 20 to 25 times.

For more styles, please click here

We treat our products like babies!We will cherish the quality of our products as the birds cherish their feathers!

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Why Choose Anrlashes As Eyelash Supplier

Why Choose Anrlashes As Eyelash Vonter

unique raw material

1 exquisite and unique raw material treatment technology so far no one can reach!

In the pursuit of perfection, each hair is carefully selected by patient workers with hair tips. (other suppliers don’t have the technology and don’t choose at all)


Re-use 20-25 times doesn’t change its shape

2.Each Hair is put on the design by skilled workers .

and assure the left eyelash is same as the right eyelash Eyelash integral effect is perfect!(other products have asymmetric eyes)

3.About the eyelash band, the eyelash band is thin and clean.the glue is developed exclusively.

and obtain the national patent protection, our eyelash eyeliner is soft and durable.

Mink eyelashes can be used for 20-25 times.(other products are overflowing with glue.the eyeliner is easy to break after a long time.and the eyelashes fall off!)

eyelash design natural

4: about eyelash modelling, the finalize the design craft that develops exclusively ensures come out eyelash is elegant and natural. be not hard, easy break, overgrown!

5.As for eyelash design, we have our own designers, which constantly update styles according to the changing demands of the international market.

and always stay at the forefront of fashion and lead the international eyelash trend.

Many of our designs soon became hot style! Our designers are able to tailor designs to customer needs, which is unique in the market.Help customers consolidate the market.

Make your beauty more unique!

6: in terms of delivery time, in the Internet age, time is money. and in the Internet age, the winner takes       all. Whoever seizes the time will gain business opportunities.

7.As for mass production, our workers have years of experience, training, patience, perseverance and creativity to ensure the consistency between mass production and samples.

8: about the packaging, you only need to tell us your ideas. the designer will make a three-dimensional effect after the order confirmation!

9: our business personnel are patient, considerate, always think of you, urgent you urgent, is your strong and reliable backing!

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Why didn’t your eyelash business succeed?

How to choose the best eyelashes supplier

Some eyelash agents have been in the eyelash business for several years.

But they don’t achieve great success.

they don’t achieve the results they want, or they fail.

In doing eyelash business process, whether you encountered the following problem.

You always get customer complaints!

You always have a lot to deal with after sales!

You can’t find a good eyelash supplier.Clients complain about eyelash loss, short hair.

The customer complained that the eyelash line was too stiff.

Customers always complain about the discomfort.

Supplier’s eyelash quality is too unreliable.and so on .

Today I will help you solve all your puzzles!!!!!!!!!

  Knowing this will make your business easier!!!!!!!!!

 Learn these things and your business will succeed.!!!!!!!!!

Eyelash business has these characteristics that you do not know

What is the industry background of eyelash business at present

There e are also a lot of people starting eyelash business on social platforms.

Do eyelash business so many people, but only a few good, why did your eyelash business do not succeed?

Dear customer, have you reflected?

Which one do you belong to…….

Above all, the threshold of eyelash business is low, foreign trade company can do, individual also can do.My client can be a foreign trade company.My client could be a housewife.My clients can be students on campus.It can be an office worker

Doing eyelash business needs very low cost only.Eyelash business is not subject to customs restrictions.Express delivery is also very convenient, support delivery to the door.Thousands of people pour into the industry every day.Alibaba also has a lot of people to open ali website everyday eyelash business.

Anyone who does things blindly will only ruin his reputation.Some people just see, others do 3d mink eyelash business can make money, there is profit, as a result of blind choice to do eyelash business.Think you can make money by getting the goods.Because you are not professional, you do not know from which side to judge where eyelash is good, where bad, you do not know how to choose a good supplier.

Some eyelash agent does not know which eyelash can choose?He does not know which eyelash cannot choose?Cheap eyelashes are garbage eyelashes made by cheap workers.Product quality is too bad, the market no one recognized, resulting in a large number of eyelash inventory.

Eyelash agent because do not know supplier circumstance.In order to promote orders, some suppliers use popular 3D eyelash pictures to show customers and quote high prices.However, the actual bulk cargo received the product completely different from the sample.Or the quality of the product varies.3D mink eyelashes are handmade.Experienced workers in the market are expensive.And there are only a handful of experienced workers.Pure handmade products integrate some features of enterprises and individuals, and 3D false eyelash products cannot be imitated.This leads to the middleman’s propaganda picture is one, and the actual receipt of large goods is one.Finally the middleman credibility lost!They will lose the market!

Here I would like to say that we are the most reliable supplier in China

Our reputation comes from our repeat customers, who have proved our quality and reputation.We have a special way to convince you that our photos are real.You can ask us to write your name on the paper and present it with eyelashes in video, so that you can see the real picture and the real eyelashes.Do you agree with me?Most middlemen are not engaged in eyelash business.Or maybe they switched to 3d mink eyelashes from another industry, maybe because they didn’t do it.

Middlemen do not understand the market for 3d sable eyelashes, the consumer mentality, and the consumer habits.However, suppliers only focus on immediate interests and cannot give customers better advice from the market level.

As a result, intermediaries cannot communicate with the final consumers smoothly.Consumers have problems, middlemen can not quickly and correctly make a choice.Unable to give consumers a reasonable explanation and quick and effective solution.This leads to the loss of market opportunities for middlemen.

Some middlemen got the eyelash product of good quality, and they do not know the consumption habit of final consumer, cannot hold consumer demand dot.They can’t give consumers a better feeling because they don’t know about the product.Miss market opportunity thereby.

Product and credit standing did not leave very good impression in consumer heart, a lot of eyelash middleman get good product, do not have right sale train of thought again, your eyelash business makes it very difficult!

Dear customer, nothing can be simply successful.With a good product plus a good platform, but also a good marketing strategy, suitable for the product sales ideas and good suppliers can help you solve the problem and hard work, our business to do more and more big!

Adhering to the “beauty of love, influence others with love, act with truth, and touch the world with truth!

Sincerity is the highest wisdom!”Our company’s philosophy is: serve every customer attentively!

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What are 3D mink eyelashes?

What are 3 D mink eyelashes?


Many people may not know what 3D mink eyelashes are.Now I will give you a comprehensive introduction.

Use my professional experience of many years to popularize the knowledge about eyelash major to everybody.

3D mink eyelashes are very different from those of other raw materials.And our eyelash making craft is pure hand – made.The material is made of mink’s shed hair

And it is zero cruelty to mink, without any harm.Mink hair is a natural black protein.When you wear eyelashes made of mink’s hair, they look very natural, and the hair curl

of mink’s eyelashes is different, which looks like 3D effect.

So it’s called 3D mink eyelashes.This kind of eyelash is the best eyelash at present, also be the most high-grade eyelash.

The beauty that mink eyelash brings a person is the most natural, beauty spends highest.Our 3D mink eyelashes range from 4 to 8 layers. 3D mink eyelashes look more dense and full, more 3D effect.

Once customers like 3D mink eyelashes will be fascinated by it. It makes people feel like they can’t wait to wear it.

We have many styles of eyelashes. The effect that design reflects differently also is different, the beauty that it brings you is different also.


Some eyelashes look more natural, others look very attractive. If you compare our lashes to cheap lashes. Believe you won’t use cheap false eyelash again for certain .

You might say there’s a market for cheap mink eyelashes. You are wrong to think so. Because markets always move.

The customer is in pursuit of better quality eyelash. If you sell bad eyelashes. Your customers will have a bad experience. Your customers will slowly drain away.

With all your customers gone, your business is at risk of going out of business. Do you agree with me? Did you then think of promoting high-end eyelashes?

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Start eyelash business, how to choose eyelash supplier

eyelash vendors

Why didn’t your eyelash business succeed?

                      Why do you encounter so much trouble in the course of eyelash business?

                                                         Why did you just do eyelash business end in failure?

                                                                                       How can ability do your eyelash business smoothly?

                                                                                                                                              Why is the eyelash that you sell a client asked to return money by the client?

                                                                                                          Why is the eyelash that you order different each time style?

                                           Why do you always like high quality eyelashes and low quality price?

Why did your eyelash clients lose all their eyelash products because of the low quality of your hair?

wholesale mink lashes

Why is the eyelash of quality bottom free give client client client does not want?

                                                                Why do customers like to buy high-quality eyelashes?

                                                                                                What is the product quality trend that the client buys eyelash now

What is the problem that wholesale mink eyelash client appears now?That is, the quality of large quantities of goods and samples is seriously unstable. The quality of samples given to customers is very different from that of bulk goods.The delivery date is unstable, which guarantees the delivery date to the customer. When the delivery is delayed, the customer will be lost.

What is the problem that wholesale mink eyelash client appears now?That is, the quality of large quantities of goods and samples is seriously unstable. The quality of samples given to customers is very different from that of bulk goods.The delivery date is unstable, which guarantees the delivery date to the customer. When the delivery is delayed, the customer will be lost

Eyelash design does not have newer ability, the client does not like outdated design, the client always lags to the feeling of design, lost a lot of market to make money opportunity If you don’t update the style to the customer in time, once the new product appears in the market, your customer will be lost soon.

Your customers will go to other agencies to buy fashionable mink eyelashesSuppliers of inferior eyelashes, whose eyelash styles cannot be regularly updated, will only use cheap raw materials to achieve the purpose of cost saving and lower the price to increase market competitiveness.

Now e-commerce, cross-border e-commerce so developed, good products, bad products can be identified by everyone, really can make money eyelash product is always a good quality product Beauty is what consumers pursue after meeting the living standard. The purpose of consumers’ pursuit of beauty is to be naturally beautiful to the extreme. If it is not natural and perfect, there is no need for makeup

What do you think? Do you agree with me?This is now suppliers and consumers of the concept of deviation, this is the root of your loss of customers.

Dear customer, can you understand this point of view?There is a deviation between the concept of consumers and middlemen.Consumer class is high, intermediary idea cannot keep up with consumer idea.

Consumers looking for good quality eyelashes, consumers are not afraid to spend money, consumers just want to experience a good degree, wearing a good feeling can be, eyelash agents are very like the pursuit of low prices, so that your business must be a failure, and ultimately in the low price of low quality competition under the bankruptcy!

Consumers sometimes say prices are high.The middlemen really think there’s something wrong with the price.Actually consumer is willing to want better quality eyelash

If you make lashes of low price and low quality, you will have a lot of trouble, and there will be a lot of after-sales problems waiting for you to solve.Handling customer returns and product quality complaints will cost you more.

Time costs can be very high.Your eyelash business will do much better if you focus on sales and the quality of your suppliers’ products is excellent.


Time costs can be very high.Your eyelash business will do much better if you focus on sales and the quality of your suppliers’ products is excellent

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Do you know what the raw material of mink eyelashes is?

Do you know mink lashes what can be made


Today I’d like to introduce you to the raw materials of our mink eyelashes?

What do you think is the raw material for eyelashes?


Do you know what kind of eyelash material is better?

Have you ever heard of mink eyelashes?

In your mind, how is the raw material for mink eyelashes selected?

Our raw material is mink hair, the quality is very high,

we pay more attention to detail, physical processing technology, do not hurt the skin,

will not harm the human body, south Korea imports soft, pure cotton yarn

,It’s very comfortable to wea While3D51GL3DMinkLashesare your go to when looking for fuller,dramatic,and longer lashes. Natural mink lashes are made from the fur of minks;

just in case you had no idea what a mink is,they are small,mammals and are carnivorous in nature.


They are farmed for their fur and the fur used to makethese luscious lashes is collected from that which has been shed naturally by the minks.

This makes the collection and manufacturing

 of natural mink lashes cruelty free to the minks.

The fur hairs are then sterilized and attached to a cotton band by hand to add to the authenticity and natural feel to Wholesale 3D Mink Lashes.

Did you get anything? Do you want to start the eyelash business now?

Welcome to contact me.

My whatsapp :+ 8615264405993

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How to choose eyelash supplier

Many friends want to start their own eyelash business and increase their income.


I would like to say that I like the most entrepreneurial friends,

I am very supportive of my company will be for these entrepreneurs to provide more effective help.Read my article, you will certainly have the harvest, I will reveal for you the most true business skill, wishes to push your business success.


First, the quality of the supplier’s eyelashes


According to the needs of friends who have just started the eyelash business.I will give my best advice.In the face of your needs,At the first , I want to say that the most important thing is the quality of the product,Quality determines your business to be more successful in the long run, quality determines the number of repeat customers, quality determines the reputation of your brand, and your income.Do my dear friends agree?

Just like many customers to our company’s eyelash quality are very recognized. In China our eyelash quality is the top level.
The raw material is 100% mink.
Made by hand.

Second, own your own factory

The second point is that there is a factory of its own, the designer vision and the production of eyelashes is inseparable.

Only the perfect feelings into the production of eyelashes, into the style, produced eyelashes can bring out a unique charm.

For example ,In our factory, our requirements for product quality are very strict.


Our workers are of fine workmanship.At most seven pairs of mink eyelashes can be put out in a day. At present, the styles developed by our company are very popular.

The big lashes of 25 mm are our special style.In the future, I will share with you more ideas that will benefit your business. 

In China, we are very reputable suppliers.  We also hope to meet you who are very honest.

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How to create a personal eyelash brand

How to create eyelash brand


Are you planning to start your own Mink Eyelash brand? I think my article will definitely be useful to you.


The effect brought by the brand is unlimited. If the business is good, the market prospect will be better and better.At the same time, there will be a large number of fans.

Therefore, for the creation of the brand of Mink Eyelashes, I would like to give the most professional friends the most professional answers. Thanks to the unremitting efforts in the eyelash

industry, we have achieved very good results in the top level of China’s mink eyelash suppliers .Recently, many fans have encountered this confusion, so I wrote this article today and hope that my article will help you.


Method / step

step1: brand positioning

First of all, the brand needs a good positioning to clarify the target audience of consumers. Determine the direction of the market, locate the consumer group based on your product, and what kind of consumer level group your product is suitable for. Only one point is especially important

Step 2: Brand Name

To build a brand, we must have a good brand name. How to name it better? I would like to make the following suggestions.Naming is both simple and culturally connotative, so it is easy for consumers to remember

 step3: brand logo

Design a suitable brand logo that is both product-oriented and creative.
A good logo can also increase the brand’s influence, so be sure to design a good brand logo.
For example, in our company, our company provides customized packaging and custom logos for our customers, which is very beneficial to build the Mink Eyelash brand.

step4: brand quality

If you want to build a brand, you must ensure the quality of the products, from research and development, production, sales, production process, quality materials, etc., to ensure the quality of the goods and other qualities.

Here I want to emphasize the quality of the product is very important, because good quality is the indispensable condition for our entrepreneurial success, the customer will have a good experience, give good feedback, will be a steady stream of orders, so you Business will last longer,

Just like our company’s requirements for craftsmanship are very strict, 100% hand-made, 100% mink hair, truly meet the standards of private customization. So we will achieve such great success now. We have first-class quality in the water eyelash industry and are now leading the fashion.


Step 5: Brand style

Brands must have their own characteristics and advantages, and gain the attention and recognition of consumers by creating the characteristics of their own products. Have your own style to be known and remembered by the public.

Our mink eyelash style has been continuously updated. It has been updated to the third generation of eyelash styles. With more than one thousand styles, it is our company’s independent research and development, and strives to give our agents the greatest support, the most competitive. Force style. We opened up a large eyelashes with a length of 25mm, which attracted many suppliers’ imitations, but did not surpass our suppliers.

Brand Culture. To build a brand is to create a brand culture. The so-called a brand, you need to have a consistent culture, what to express through this brand, what to show, people see what this brand can associate, and create their own brand culture.
Is my sharing helpful to you, or if you have any questions, please leave a message, I will be happy to answer your questions and bring you convenience. This is my happiest I wish you a happy eyelash business.

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Mink Lashes Private Label

False Eyelashes Always Paste Bad? 6 Skills Can’t Be Lost In A Day

wholesale 100% real siberian mink fur mink eyelashes 3d mink lashes
wholesale 100% real siberian mink fur mink eyelashes 3d mink lashes

False Eyelashes Are Stylish Tools

especially when you take pictures, which make your eyes more attractive. Many people reject Mink Lashes Private Label because they make glue all over the place every time. Or stick the eyelashes on the eyelids and make 6 tips for you to make it easy to stick false eyelashes. With these tipss, you can also become a skilled worker wearing Mink Lashes Private Label.

First, The Correct Pruning False Eyelashes Is A “Too Short In The Hand

wearing on the eyes too long” thing, the longest eyelash in the middle, slightly shorter on both sides. The average length ranges from 5 millimeters to 10 millimeters. If you want a false eyelash to look natural after wearing it, the length should not be exaggerated and the width should be suitable for your eyes.

Measure whether the length and width of the false eyelash is appropriate, if it is too long. Use the small scissors to subtract some of it. Remember to trim the length of time to maintain the original Radian, otherwise all the eyelashes, look too false; When pruning width, you should cut off the long part of the eye head and the end of the eye separately.

Do not just cut off the end of the eye Superfluous part

Second, Oil Absorption Grease Will Make False Eyelashes Difficult To Fix

if you are oily skin, may be a bit of a problem in wearing. Wear false eyelashes, first use oil paper to clean the grease on the eyelids, If you want to recycle Mink Lashes Private Label, do not use oily makeup removal products to avoid affecting the second round of use.

Three, Tens Of Seconds When We Worry With Mink Lashes Private Label

should tell you good stuff is worth waiting. Waiting for ten seconds to let the glue stick will make the final effect is not the same. If just glue anxious paste false eyelashes, Mink Lashes Private Label will run completely, can not be fixed in you want it for the position.

Four, Looking Down At Most Of Us Will Put Our Nose In The Mirror

thinking that the closer we look to the mirror, the more clearly we can see it, right? Actually, this is not right! Putting the mirror under your face is the right choice. This is the best way to see your eyelashes.

Fifth, Starting With The Eye Head, Find The Position Of The Eye Head

point one end of the Mink Lashes Private Label to the position of the eye head; stick the middle part again, and stay at this stage to make the glue work; finally, arrange the part of the end of the eye.

Six, cover gap in true eyelash and Mink Lashes Private Label often appear gap is the distress of a lot of people. Need not tear down to paste again, eye shadow can solve this problem. You just need to use black subgloss eye shadow to fill the gap. It doesn’t leave any trace. It also makes the glue dry faster.

If  you are interested in our products, you can contact me.


Whatsapp:+86 17806286210

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3D Mink Lashes

Remember To Choose The Natural Hair False Eyelashes, Look At The Most Natural

 Own Brand/OEM/Private Label Wholesale 3D 100% Mink Fur False Eyelashes Silk Lashes Packaging
Own Brand/OEM/Private Label Wholesale 3D 100% Mink Fur False Eyelashes Silk Lashes Packaging

Here’s what you need to read when you start putting on mink lashes manufacturers.

Steps For Wearing Upper Eyelashes

1, clip their eyelashes

brush a layer of mascara shape, to avoid true false eyelashes stratification.

2, take the eyelashes out of the box, when you take them

please pull the root of the eyelashes. Because it is sticky when you take it down, please put the eyelashes up to the length of the eyelashes. The eyelashes are not stuck from the head to the tail. But observe their own eyelashes, the head of the 8mm is no eyelash Yo, of course, false eyelashes do not stick there. If more than their eyes long, that part can be cut off.

3, in the root of eyelashes some glue

because the eye head and eye tail more easily up, so the glue is also relatively more put.

4, almost wait for 30 seconds after the official paste, from the end of the eye

we may see that the glue is white, do not worry about Oh. In the store there is a rye for everyone to choose from, the rye is used after some eyeliner effect.

5, take false eyelash in the middle

put the root of eyelash and press in, wait for half dry when adjust again, press up, let eyelash more warp. Finally

1. Use 3-segment clamp method to clip eyelash out of curl first. Take out false eyelashes carefully.

Single box false eyelashes of good texture can be used repeatedly, the whole box of multiple texture is rough. Use repeatedly at most 1-2 times.

2.Hold the two ends of the false eyelashes carefully.

Bend the curved, flexible false eyelashes repeatedly.

3.The mirror is set for yourself, first holding mink lashes manufacturers in your hand to compare the length of your eyes.

Then use a special scissors to trim your eyelashes, and cut off the extra parts of the two ends. Trim the eyelashes according to the length of the eyes. Apply the eyelash glue carefully to the stem of the false eyelash with a special accessory.

4 . Wait a little 20 – 30 seconds .

Hold on your eyelash root with a special helper , fix it on its own eyelash root , and then adjust it slightly according to the situation . If your eyes are closed , it ‘ s easy to stick to the skin , so be careful . When the eye is closed , it ‘ s easy to stick to the skin , and be careful . Just like it , it ‘ s easy to touch the false eyelashes .

Then Draw It With A Eyeliner Pen.

Maintenance of false eyelashes

If the eyelash is maintained properly, can use 10-20 times repeatedly commonly. How to maintain and extend the life span of false eyelash?

Don’t paint mascara on false eyelashes.

Many of the methods of wearing eyelashes are that wearing false eyelashes

and then brush a layer of mascara can not let true false eyelashes stratified. But for false eyelashes cleaning will be very difficult. If you use a better quality, more expensive eyelashes, it is best not to do so, as long as the real eyelashes before sticking the shape of the clip. True mink lashes manufacturers are not stratified.

1, the use of eyelashes is gentle.

Don’t pull your eyelashes hard, try to keep the radians at the root of the mink lashes manufacturers and comb them with your eyelashes when you run out.

2, do not wash with water

if dirty can use brush to gently brush, kill glue can go hand gently pull, but do not wash with water. Human hair is not a normal hard fiber. If dirty can be brushed gently, kill glue can go to hand gently pull, but do not wash with water oh, human hair is not ordinary hard fiber.

A detailed pruning tutorial for mink lashes manufacturers

Let’s Get Ready: Mink Lashes Manufacturers, Glue, Scissors.

The false eyelash clip, it is better than the transverse length of short 8mm their eyes. Confirm the eye head and eye tail over 5mm 3mm began to open position.

In this way, you can avoid eye head and eye tail possible discomfort.

If  you are interested in our products, you can contact me.


Whatsapp:+86 17806286210