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How to choose eyelash supplier

Many friends want to start their own eyelash business and increase their income.


I would like to say that I like the most entrepreneurial friends,

I am very supportive of my company will be for these entrepreneurs to provide more effective help.Read my article, you will certainly have the harvest, I will reveal for you the most true business skill, wishes to push your business success.


First, the quality of the supplier’s eyelashes


According to the needs of friends who have just started the eyelash business.I will give my best advice.In the face of your needs,At the first , I want to say that the most important thing is the quality of the product,Quality determines your business to be more successful in the long run, quality determines the number of repeat customers, quality determines the reputation of your brand, and your income.Do my dear friends agree?

Just like many customers to our company’s eyelash quality are very recognized. In China our eyelash quality is the top level.
The raw material is 100% mink.
Made by hand.

Second, own your own factory

The second point is that there is a factory of its own, the designer vision and the production of eyelashes is inseparable.

Only the perfect feelings into the production of eyelashes, into the style, produced eyelashes can bring out a unique charm.

For example ,In our factory, our requirements for product quality are very strict.


Our workers are of fine workmanship.At most seven pairs of mink eyelashes can be put out in a day. At present, the styles developed by our company are very popular.

The big lashes of 25 mm are our special style.In the future, I will share with you more ideas that will benefit your business. 

In China, we are very reputable suppliers.  We also hope to meet you who are very honest.

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How to create a personal eyelash brand

How to create eyelash brand


Are you planning to start your own Mink Eyelash brand? I think my article will definitely be useful to you.


The effect brought by the brand is unlimited. If the business is good, the market prospect will be better and better.At the same time, there will be a large number of fans.

Therefore, for the creation of the brand of Mink Eyelashes, I would like to give the most professional friends the most professional answers. Thanks to the unremitting efforts in the eyelash

industry, we have achieved very good results in the top level of China’s mink eyelash suppliers .Recently, many fans have encountered this confusion, so I wrote this article today and hope that my article will help you.


Method / step

step1: brand positioning

First of all, the brand needs a good positioning to clarify the target audience of consumers. Determine the direction of the market, locate the consumer group based on your product, and what kind of consumer level group your product is suitable for. Only one point is especially important

Step 2: Brand Name

To build a brand, we must have a good brand name. How to name it better? I would like to make the following suggestions.Naming is both simple and culturally connotative, so it is easy for consumers to remember

 step3: brand logo

Design a suitable brand logo that is both product-oriented and creative.
A good logo can also increase the brand’s influence, so be sure to design a good brand logo.
For example, in our company, our company provides customized packaging and custom logos for our customers, which is very beneficial to build the Mink Eyelash brand.

step4: brand quality

If you want to build a brand, you must ensure the quality of the products, from research and development, production, sales, production process, quality materials, etc., to ensure the quality of the goods and other qualities.

Here I want to emphasize the quality of the product is very important, because good quality is the indispensable condition for our entrepreneurial success, the customer will have a good experience, give good feedback, will be a steady stream of orders, so you Business will last longer,

Just like our company’s requirements for craftsmanship are very strict, 100% hand-made, 100% mink hair, truly meet the standards of private customization. So we will achieve such great success now. We have first-class quality in the water eyelash industry and are now leading the fashion.


Step 5: Brand style

Brands must have their own characteristics and advantages, and gain the attention and recognition of consumers by creating the characteristics of their own products. Have your own style to be known and remembered by the public.

Our mink eyelash style has been continuously updated. It has been updated to the third generation of eyelash styles. With more than one thousand styles, it is our company’s independent research and development, and strives to give our agents the greatest support, the most competitive. Force style. We opened up a large eyelashes with a length of 25mm, which attracted many suppliers’ imitations, but did not surpass our suppliers.

Brand Culture. To build a brand is to create a brand culture. The so-called a brand, you need to have a consistent culture, what to express through this brand, what to show, people see what this brand can associate, and create their own brand culture.
Is my sharing helpful to you, or if you have any questions, please leave a message, I will be happy to answer your questions and bring you convenience. This is my happiest I wish you a happy eyelash business.

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Mink Lashes Private Label

False Eyelashes Always Paste Bad? 6 Skills Can’t Be Lost In A Day

wholesale 100% real siberian mink fur mink eyelashes 3d mink lashes
wholesale 100% real siberian mink fur mink eyelashes 3d mink lashes

False Eyelashes Are Stylish Tools

especially when you take pictures, which make your eyes more attractive. Many people reject Mink Lashes Private Label because they make glue all over the place every time. Or stick the eyelashes on the eyelids and make 6 tips for you to make it easy to stick false eyelashes. With these tipss, you can also become a skilled worker wearing Mink Lashes Private Label.

First, The Correct Pruning False Eyelashes Is A “Too Short In The Hand

wearing on the eyes too long” thing, the longest eyelash in the middle, slightly shorter on both sides. The average length ranges from 5 millimeters to 10 millimeters. If you want a false eyelash to look natural after wearing it, the length should not be exaggerated and the width should be suitable for your eyes.

Measure whether the length and width of the false eyelash is appropriate, if it is too long. Use the small scissors to subtract some of it. Remember to trim the length of time to maintain the original Radian, otherwise all the eyelashes, look too false; When pruning width, you should cut off the long part of the eye head and the end of the eye separately.

Do not just cut off the end of the eye Superfluous part

Second, Oil Absorption Grease Will Make False Eyelashes Difficult To Fix

if you are oily skin, may be a bit of a problem in wearing. Wear false eyelashes, first use oil paper to clean the grease on the eyelids, If you want to recycle Mink Lashes Private Label, do not use oily makeup removal products to avoid affecting the second round of use.

Three, Tens Of Seconds When We Worry With Mink Lashes Private Label

should tell you good stuff is worth waiting. Waiting for ten seconds to let the glue stick will make the final effect is not the same. If just glue anxious paste false eyelashes, Mink Lashes Private Label will run completely, can not be fixed in you want it for the position.

Four, Looking Down At Most Of Us Will Put Our Nose In The Mirror

thinking that the closer we look to the mirror, the more clearly we can see it, right? Actually, this is not right! Putting the mirror under your face is the right choice. This is the best way to see your eyelashes.

Fifth, Starting With The Eye Head, Find The Position Of The Eye Head

point one end of the Mink Lashes Private Label to the position of the eye head; stick the middle part again, and stay at this stage to make the glue work; finally, arrange the part of the end of the eye.

Six, cover gap in true eyelash and Mink Lashes Private Label often appear gap is the distress of a lot of people. Need not tear down to paste again, eye shadow can solve this problem. You just need to use black subgloss eye shadow to fill the gap. It doesn’t leave any trace. It also makes the glue dry faster.

If  you are interested in our products, you can contact me.


Whatsapp:+86 17806286210

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3D Mink Lashes

Remember To Choose The Natural Hair False Eyelashes, Look At The Most Natural

 Own Brand/OEM/Private Label Wholesale 3D 100% Mink Fur False Eyelashes Silk Lashes Packaging
Own Brand/OEM/Private Label Wholesale 3D 100% Mink Fur False Eyelashes Silk Lashes Packaging

Here’s what you need to read when you start putting on mink lashes manufacturers.

Steps For Wearing Upper Eyelashes

1, clip their eyelashes

brush a layer of mascara shape, to avoid true false eyelashes stratification.

2, take the eyelashes out of the box, when you take them

please pull the root of the eyelashes. Because it is sticky when you take it down, please put the eyelashes up to the length of the eyelashes. The eyelashes are not stuck from the head to the tail. But observe their own eyelashes, the head of the 8mm is no eyelash Yo, of course, false eyelashes do not stick there. If more than their eyes long, that part can be cut off.

3, in the root of eyelashes some glue

because the eye head and eye tail more easily up, so the glue is also relatively more put.

4, almost wait for 30 seconds after the official paste, from the end of the eye

we may see that the glue is white, do not worry about Oh. In the store there is a rye for everyone to choose from, the rye is used after some eyeliner effect.

5, take false eyelash in the middle

put the root of eyelash and press in, wait for half dry when adjust again, press up, let eyelash more warp. Finally

1. Use 3-segment clamp method to clip eyelash out of curl first. Take out false eyelashes carefully.

Single box false eyelashes of good texture can be used repeatedly, the whole box of multiple texture is rough. Use repeatedly at most 1-2 times.

2.Hold the two ends of the false eyelashes carefully.

Bend the curved, flexible false eyelashes repeatedly.

3.The mirror is set for yourself, first holding mink lashes manufacturers in your hand to compare the length of your eyes.

Then use a special scissors to trim your eyelashes, and cut off the extra parts of the two ends. Trim the eyelashes according to the length of the eyes. Apply the eyelash glue carefully to the stem of the false eyelash with a special accessory.

4 . Wait a little 20 – 30 seconds .

Hold on your eyelash root with a special helper , fix it on its own eyelash root , and then adjust it slightly according to the situation . If your eyes are closed , it ‘ s easy to stick to the skin , so be careful . When the eye is closed , it ‘ s easy to stick to the skin , and be careful . Just like it , it ‘ s easy to touch the false eyelashes .

Then Draw It With A Eyeliner Pen.

Maintenance of false eyelashes

If the eyelash is maintained properly, can use 10-20 times repeatedly commonly. How to maintain and extend the life span of false eyelash?

Don’t paint mascara on false eyelashes.

Many of the methods of wearing eyelashes are that wearing false eyelashes

and then brush a layer of mascara can not let true false eyelashes stratified. But for false eyelashes cleaning will be very difficult. If you use a better quality, more expensive eyelashes, it is best not to do so, as long as the real eyelashes before sticking the shape of the clip. True mink lashes manufacturers are not stratified.

1, the use of eyelashes is gentle.

Don’t pull your eyelashes hard, try to keep the radians at the root of the mink lashes manufacturers and comb them with your eyelashes when you run out.

2, do not wash with water

if dirty can use brush to gently brush, kill glue can go hand gently pull, but do not wash with water. Human hair is not a normal hard fiber. If dirty can be brushed gently, kill glue can go to hand gently pull, but do not wash with water oh, human hair is not ordinary hard fiber.

A detailed pruning tutorial for mink lashes manufacturers

Let’s Get Ready: Mink Lashes Manufacturers, Glue, Scissors.

The false eyelash clip, it is better than the transverse length of short 8mm their eyes. Confirm the eye head and eye tail over 5mm 3mm began to open position.

In this way, you can avoid eye head and eye tail possible discomfort.

If  you are interested in our products, you can contact me.


Whatsapp:+86 17806286210

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Lashes Mink

The Key To Become The Charming With a Eyes Is To Have Customized 3D Mink Lashes

The Key To Become The Charming Female With a Electric Eyes Is To Have Beautiful Customized 3D Mink Lashes.

Nowadays, there are more and more ways to wear false eyelashes,and it is no longer difficult to have curly and beautiful Customized 3D Mink Lashes. So go to the professional eyelashes beauty shop to do it! Then you would easily have shiny eyes without get mascara easily dizzy, smear trouble,and every day remover distressed at any time allows you to distribute charming luster.

Beauty Is The Anyone’s Yearning And Pursuit

also is the pursuit of any women . The female who are used to make up go out without makeup is like streaking,without sense of security. With the fast-paced life hit, people have a new understanding of the pursuit of beauty. simple and elegant fashion has become the mainstream of the chase, make-up more and more to attract the attention of women.

Wearing False Eyelashes Is Like The Perfect Magic Charm Of Female’s Elegant Side

just a small change in eyelashes, can make the eyes show smart, elegant, confident and so different style, and these in the eyelashes can be achieved wearing glasses, even more amazing is to wear Lashes Mink like their eyelashes as real spontaneous combustion, most people can not see the obvious signs of wear, the most important thing is wearing Customized 3D Mink Lashes.

You do not need to spend too much time to dress eye makeup tedious makeup program, so you would keep the perfect 24 hours await calm and confident, What really every woman’s pursuit ,is it?

Eyelash Factory Price Top Quality Private Label 3D Strip Eyelash Mink Hair Lash
Eyelash Factory Price Top Quality Private Label 3D Strip Eyelash Mink Hair Lash

Nowadays, Wearing False Eyelashes Has Become a Popular Technology For People.

When wearing false eyelashes, many people ask their own beauty blushers: What should you pay attention to when wearing false eyelashes?

The following clues to tell you about what we should pay attention to when wearing false eyelashes!

1.Donot use your hand or towel to rub your eyesafter wearing Customized 3D Mink Lashes.

Rub your eyes, not only have an adverse effect on our own eyelashes on the wearing of eyelashes but also cause varying degrees of damage.

2.Do Not To Make Eyelashes Soaked In Water For a Long Timeor For a Long Time In The Full Steam When Wearing False Eyelashes The Same Day

or wearing false eyelashes after 5-8 hours ensuring that the false eyelashes wearing glue Completely dry.

3.Thebeauty Eyelashes Effect Has Been Very Significantwhen Wearing False Eyelashes

you should try to avoid the use of mascara, especially oily mascara you can draw eyeliner, but when taking off formal dress, do not use strong oil makeup remover .or it would affect the wear viscous false eyelashes glue, and durability. It is best to use daily eyelash care solution or comb eyelashes comb with eyelashes which make the eyelashes more smooth,and take the better

4.Do Not Expect To Wear False Eyelashes Permanently.

Wearing false eyelashes once a daynormally, you can repeat 25-30 times.

5.Wearing Customized 3D Mink Lashes Would Achieve The Beautyeyelashes By Changing The Density

length, curl degree of our own eyelashes, so that our eyes will be more beautiful and bright. At the beginning of wearing false eyelashes, do not recommend the use of oily cosmetics. if it is necessary to make-up, it is best to use fresh eye cosmetics. In addition, remove the eye make-up, as gentle as possible, try to avoid wearing eyelashes.

Wear eyelashes need to wear the best quality, if you want to buy, please click on this web, here to buy the eyelashes are made of hand-made natural mink hair , comfortable and lightweight, the effect is very obvious, after using it you must be a woman enough charm.

Eyelashes Play a Protective Role On The Eye.

It is a curtain of the eye, both to cover the eyes to avoid glare, but also to prevent dust fall into the eye. Camel’s Lashes Mink is long even up to 10 cm. Otherwise, it will be hard to keep the damage of light and storm out in the desert.


Be careful not to touch the eyes when wearing Lashes Mink at the same time. or it may cause tears, pain, over time can lead to vision loss. At the same time,we need pay attention to eye health when wearing eyelashes for prevent eyes disease.

If  you are interested in our products, you can contact me.


Whatsapp:+86 17806286210

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MIIS lash – Helps Make Your Eyelash Look Younger and Thicker

 MIIS lash – Helps Make Your Eyelash Look Younger and Thicker

Long lashes are of course a powerful and invaluable weapon for women to use against men-a simple batting of the lashes and the female can get almost anything they want! Not every female is endowed with wonderful lashes, because not many of us had the right genes. Some of them even resort to lash surgery so as to get the lash length they wanted. However, it is also true that this technique is not the best resort. We can say that it is extremely costly, impractical, and might cause infections and irritations. Despite spending a significant amount of money to be worked on by a so-called specialist, eyelash surgery is not always the best possible solution to grow longer and thicker eyelashes. The convenient and highly effective solution: MIIS lash extensions!

A plethora of women prefer to utilize false eye lashes

eye lash extension, eyelash curlers and eye makeup as well for the illusion of thicker and longer eye lashes. In actual, this seems like the most practical thing to do, however think of a significant amount of money you spend on make up and accessories to obtaining the longer lash look. More to the point, some products available for the same purpose may do more damage and good to your eyes, slowing down growth of your eyelashes.

Therefore, you can get an eyelash growth product available in the cosmetic market.

You can find a lot of products with different price ranges and ingredients as well. The main thing is that they also vary when it comes to their effectiveness. However, it is also true that one of the most in-demand products that stood out is MIIS lash. Good news is that the eye lash extension product is all natural and extremely safe and convenient to use, for it is proven to cause no allergic reactions or irritations to the eye lids area. You can even wear makeup and lashes along with the product. It has been clinically proven to be hundred per cent safe to use on the eyes.

It is wise to pair the Idol eyelash regrowth product with a balanced and healthy diet.

If possible try to get enough intakes of nutrients and vitamins. Take a plethora of fruits and vegetables as well. Don’t forget to take food items that are rich in protein in order to stimulate hair growth, for hair is made up mostly of protein. Your daily diet should have the necessary nutrients including sulphur, silica, magnesium, Vitamin B6 and zinc. The effects of this amazing product is almost instant-in less than 3 weeks, you will soon notice your eyelashes become fuller, thicker and longer.

Get the much coveted MIIS lash extensions now by availing of the MIIS lash free trial sample offer promo and discount program as well. It is also good for you to try out the item first to see if the product really works for you. Hydrolyze is another widely popular option for all those who actually want to get those youthful and heart piercing eyes back.

Under the guidance of MIIS lash reviews you will get the right product to achieve the attractive and beautiful lash. Get more information

Our Mink Lashes manufacturer wholesale own brand eyelashes,Welcome to inquire.


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Eyelash Extensions in Robina Are Now Affordable

There was a time when you had to go to a major city to get eyelash extensions and who has the time to get to Sidney or Brisbane once a month?

You might think that the women in Robina (on the coast of Queensland) aren’t really the type to go for the fancy Hollywood glamour, but you would be dead wrong!

Whether you are at the Robina Town Centre or a student at Bond University.

you will find that not only can you get eyelash extensions near you (just a bus ride away!), but you can get them without paying a fortune. Because everything in this town is within walking distance of Robina Town Centre, you should have no trouble finding the spa – or better yet, have them come to you.

Although getting eyelash extensions in Robina might seem a little extravagant.

it really isn’t. When you calculate all the time and money you spend on putting on mascara, over and over again, you will find that eyelash extensions are actually quite a good deal. You can get them in almost any length, thickness, and color, and of course the best part is that you don’t have to wear mascara anymore.

The length of time that your extensions last is primarily based on how fast your eyelashes grow

but some customers claim that they last as long as six weeks, and sometimes more. You can have your extensions put in while you are at the salon, or you can have the technician come to your home or office. This is a great way to get some luxury time for yourself, while someone works on you to make you look better.

If you think that eyelash extensions in Robina might be somehow painful

you shouldn’t be. Everyone thinks that they must be painful, since you will be having a technician work around your eyes. The procedure is completely painless and if you have somewhere to go in Robina, then now is the time!

You might not think that you could find Gold Coast eyelash extensions

but now you can get eyelash extensions in Robina! Whether you are taking the Robina Railway or the Surfside Business, you won’t have any problem finding them. If you do, you can always look on the web for directions.

We are Mink Lashes Factory,Wholesale  Private Label Real Siberian Mink Lashes and Custom Package.Welcome to inquire.

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Longer Eyelashes – Top 4 Methods

Women for a very long time have had to overcome not being blessed with long

thick, and glamorous eyelashes. They instead have short and thin eyelashes that only get to be more of a problem as they grow older. For several years now the business of having longer eyelashes has grown into the multibillion dollar per year business that is today. With several choices available today, do you really know which way is the most effective?

False Lashes 

Before the recent advances in other products, false lashes were considered the best way to achieve the appearance of long thick eyelashes. They were rather cheap in price and they do look fairly good. The high end ones put on in expensive salons and the cheap ones from discount stores have the same problem, they fall out rather easily. The glue on them also does not do any good to the existing natural eyelash. It can damage and cause the natural eyelash to fall out when the false lash is removed.


The staple of every girls pocketbook, mascaras are an extremely popular product. You will be hard pressed to find a make-up company that does not offer a mascara, they are everywhere. And just like all other product lines there are good ones and bad ones. They all are a temporary for achieving the look of longer eyelashes, you know this. Maybe you did not know however that the popular waterproof mascaras can also do some damage to your natural eyelashes. It is very common for women to lose an eyelash or two when removing waterproof mascara.


A rather recent advancement and the most expensive is that of eyelash extensions. The top brands of extensions cost over $500 a set putting them out of reach for most women, even more so that they only last about 4 months. They do look great though; top celebrities use them on a regular basis with changing looks in appearance.

Eyelash Conditioners 

The latest of the enhancements these have become very popular in the last couple of years. They work by an application of natural moisturizers and minerals directly to your natural eyelashes. This causes the eyelash to actually grow and become longer and thicker on its own when applied daily. The new growth is evident anytime between 2 to 4 weeks in most women.

The Winner Is 

These are by far the most popular eyelash treatments today, but only one of them actually is causing your natural eyelashes to become longer on their own. The eyelash conditioner is today a proven product to do what nature does not do for most women, provide them with naturally longer eyelashes. For women that would like to try one of these products, a company called Idol Lash is making available for a limited time a special offer.

We are Mink Lashes Factory,Wholesale  Private Label Siberian Mink Eyelash.Welcome to inquire.