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Anr Lashes.As one of the most professional Horse lashes vendor in China, specializing in providing high quality cruelty free Horse eyelashes,real Horse lashes,

ANR eyelash Co., Ltd is one of the most professional supplier of horse eyelashes in China, Specializing in the production of horse lashes whip for 18 years. our professional technical team and management team. Advanced production technology, strict production standards. Our products fully meet the international inspection standards, we look forward to cooperating with you!

Our company was founded in 2000, specializing in the production of high-grade Horse Yelash.

Through our joint efforts, many brands have been established, and have been widely recognized by customers. Many people have achieved honor, achievement and outstanding performance in our cooperation.

Our factory covers an area of 1,800 square meters and has more than 200 skilled workers. Our eyelashes are completely made by hand.

What Can We Do For You?

1. We are a very professional Horse eyelashes supplier, our product quality is first-class and stable, our service is also first-class, the production cycle is stable, the delivery is quick. To bring you the best purchase experience.

2. Production technology:

Our Horse eyelashes is made entirely by hand-made to ensure that each pair of eyelashes is artwork free of errors and blemishes. We use the best and most soft, and the most difficult to make horse hair. Through our excellent workmanship and our exclusive recipe for handling horse hair, we get our best quality Horse eyelia.



Our eyelash style is independently designed by our chief designer, MAIKALONG, to create a variety of Horse eyelashes styles suitable for different scenes, each of which is very popular.

Our chief designer, MAIKALONG, regularly introduces 36 eyelashes a year, including models for everyday school, work, travel, honeymoon, dating, performances, parties, etc., to help you create the most perfect mascara.

When you work with us for a long time, our chief designer MAIKALONG will be able to tailor your brand to your mascara style.

Product Features:

Our eyelashes are very light and soft, not only very soft hair, but also very soft eyeliner. Our eyelashes are very comfortable to wear because the horse hair is very light and very soft, wearing on the eyes very elegant. It is because we always focus on the user experience, so our products will always be sought after by users.

Our eyelashes can be used more than 20 times, thanks to our very soft eyeliner. This is the latest process that we have developed independently. Can make the user forever young, always the center of the crowd.

Our eyelash style is very popular. Every new one will sell 80,000 pairs in 2 months. It can quickly bring you great popularity and a large number of profits.

Our Packing:

After you pay, we can deliver the goods immediately, because in most cases we have enough stock to be able to deliver quickly. Because we have enough knowledge and confidence in our products, we will keep a large inventory so that we can deliver the goods immediately when you need it.

If you do not have special requirements, our products will be shipped before the use of ultraviolet bacteriostasis, the use of aseptic dust packaging you buy eyelashes. Keep it in perfect shape when it arrives in your hands. We also provide custom packaging services that can design your private label packaging for you free of charge. If you order both eyelashes and eyelashes from us at the same time, we can install eyelashes for you free of charge so that you can sell them directly after receiving the goods, which will save you energy and cost.

We will also use waterproof dustproof packaging in the outer packaging of cargo boxes, do our best to protect your interests. We are your most reliable supplier friend.

Our Transport:

We use international express to transport your goods, it only takes 2-9 days to reach any corner of the world. The shipping companies we cooperate with are FedExour DHLX DPEX UPSU ARAMEX TNT and so on, which can ensure that your goods reach your hands quickly and safely.

The Way To Cooperation With US

1.Send Guerlain Mink Lashes Factory Your Demand

2.Cooperation With Guerlain Mink Lashes Factory

3.Guerlain Mink Lashes Factory Payment 1.T/T 2.W/U 3.M/G 4. Paypal 5.Alibaba

4.Guerlain Mink Lashes Factory Workers

5.Guerlain Mink Lashes Factory DHL Fedex UPS Courier Mink Lashes For You

6.Guerlain Mink Lashes Factory Aftermarket Team

Our Team:

Our company has more than 60 people, divided into specialized production team, design team, sales team and after-sales team. Be able to properly solve any problems we may encounter for you.

Our production team is a group of energetic young people, they are full of enthusiasm, for you to strictly control the quality of products, strict control of production cycle, to ensure that your goods can reach your hands in time.

Our design team is a group of highly imaginative and creative designers who can modify and innovate eye eyelash style and private custom packaging design according to your requirements. They are the most creative people in our team.

Our sales team is responsible for direct communication with you. Each of them has undergone professional training, has rich professional knowledge and excellent service quality, provides you with the most professional advice and brings you a happy purchasing experience.

Our after-sales service is the easiest job in our company, because our professionalism can help us to prevent most of the problems, we rarely need after-sales team. However, if you need to, they must wait 24 hours for your message.

How To Contact With  Us

Email: sales@miislashes.com

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