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Private Brand Wholesale Mink Eyelash Supplier

AnrLashes is mink lashes’ producer and supplier with perfect quality.

AnrLashes wins the thousands of businessmen’ trust and support .because we can rapidly supply good products and good after–sale service.

AnrLashes has been popular in USA even the world. We will win more and more customers with constant design and innovation.With rapid      delivery, high-quality products and thoughtful after-sales service,

AnrLashes won the trust and support of thousands of entrepreneurs of mink eyelashes.

AnrLashes has become a famous supplier of mink hair in the United States and the world.

We have the confidence to do better, do more perfect ! In the world brand occupies a position.

Amazing Eyelash Quality Tests

Our mink eyelashes are top quality, all handmade and every process is very strict!


Pure hand-made can not only ensure the high quality of the eyelashes, but also ensure that the eyelashes are symmetrical and can guarantee the delivery cycle.

Our mink lashes are top and each pair of mink eyelash can be reused 20-25 times.

Our mink lash can be washed by water, after washed you can dry it with a hair dryer. The mink eyelashes can return to the original curl.

After the water eyelashes are washed, they will not lose their hair and will not be deformed. It was exactly what it was before.

The quality of our eyelashes is very stable, and there will be no different styles. Eyelash samples are the same quality as bulk ordering eyelashes, so you can order them with confidence.

Anr Lashes Eyelash Brand Growth Process


In the past few years,Many customers consulted us the needs about constantly improve products’ quality and design new style.

And some customers request us to make the highest quality and most exclusive products .

In that our customers can have bigger competitive powers to have a space where they won’t lose in constantly compective market.

You know not all mink lashes have same quality. We really want to produce and supply mink lashes which look like  higher quality and are different with market’s mink lashes.If you continue to

read you’ll know.

We produced mink lashes three years ago. In the beginning, We produced 100 pairs of 3D mink lashes

then we send them to our own workers friends and customers for free to experience our own products.

Every time we produce the new products, we would let them to try our products.

We would ask several questions:

how do you feel about our mink lashes?

Do you feel comfortable?

Do you feel like your own lashes when you face to mirror?

Do you feel soft?

Everyone would do a report after experiencing.We can improve our products’ quality according to these reports.



We finally succeded in producing mink lashes which is suitable to people after about one hundred times experiencements.It is many persons’ devotion.

What’s more,we made questionnaires:

How do you feel about this kind of mink lashes?

Will you recommend it to your families or friends?

After 90% people feeling satisfied to our products,

we saled our products in market.We were glad to receive more suggestions. We accepted people’s suggestions then made improvement.

After two years of efforts, we made our products to be best. We can say we are successful!

 How To Find A Quality Supplier

it is easy to wholesale mink lashes. How to find a perfect supplier is not easy and he can supply you perfect mink lashes .It is essential. If you always wholesale lashes of low price and quality, you would lost many customers and have no faith with your business. Please remember ,you can’t be successful without familiar customers.

How to create your eyelash business

Why are there some people doing bigger and bigger business? whereas there are some people doing smaller and smaller business.

Why don’t get the same results with the same efforts?

We can answer you this question.Because you choose the wrong products in the beginning.

It leads to you can’t be successful even if you did efforts.Lash is a kind of product with the nature of the brand.Customers all customize  packaging boxes with their own logo.

But how can you make a brand with low quality?Even if you have many customers,they won’t buy for the second time and won’t recommend it to others.

On the other hand,if not many people buy lashes of high quality,but you can sale lashes to one person.

Firstly,this person will buy for the second time.Secondly,this person maybe recommend the third person to buy your lashes.It is easy to do lashes business just like viral marketing.

But viral marketing needs perfect products.It is impossible to make a popular brand without good quality’s products.

If you really want to be a brand, you have to choose good quality mink hair, If you want the cheapest products, but also do brand business.

I suggest you don’t waste your time.Buy experience on your own time. If you still want to do it, it is a waste of your money and time, which is our sincere advice,

because we meet too many customers happen to such things.

I hope you have to be prepared, think well, do market research,investigate products and product experience before you decide to wholesale mink hair.

Why can’t we wholesale cheap eyelash products (low quality


  1.  The sample eyelashes you purchase for the first time may not be the same as the quality of the products you purchased in bulk!

2. The sample eyelash style you buy may be very different from the one you buy in bulk

3.The cheap eyelash has a very hard stalk, and your customer wears it just like an iron wire. I believe he will not buy your products again in the futur

4.The eyelashes you buy are not symmetrical. Because of the low price, the supplier will not pick out the defective eyelashes and sell them to you mixed with the genuine eyelashe

5.The eyelash ends you purchased are not consistent with the hair roots, so it is not beautiful to wear!

6. The hair on your eyelashes will fall off. Because the suppliers are made of cheap glue

The eyelashes you bought smell of chemical, which is the smell of perm, which can cause cancer. Because the skin around the eyes is very thin,

it is easy to be hurThe eyelash products you buy are made by manual and semi-automatic machines, which can make more than 100 pairs a day. Our products are made by hand.

Our workers can only make 10 pairs at most in a day. What’s the difference between making 100 pairs of products and 10 pairs of products in a day? You’ll see that their quality is very different.

Of course, we won’t have any of the above quality problems.Because we’ve been working on it for two years.It took us two years to overcome all the difficulties and quality problems one by one.

Of course, our cost is several times higher than the low quality eyelash product is a matter of course Do you agree with me

What are 3 D mink eyelashes


Many people may not know what 3D mink eyelashes are.

Now I will give you a comprehensive introduction.Use my professional experience of many years to popularize the knowledge about eyelash major to everybody.

3D mink eyelashes are very different from those of other raw materials.And our eyelash making craft is pure hand – made.

The material is made of mink’s shed hair.And it is zero cruelty to mink, without any harm.Mink hair is a natural black protein.When you wear eyelashes made of mink’s hair,

they look very natural, and the hair curl of mink’s eyelashes is different, which looks like 3D effect.So it’s called 3D mink eyelashes.

This kind of eyelash is the best eyelash at present, also be the most high-grade eyelash.The beauty that mink eyelash brings a person is the most natural, beauty spends highest.

Our 3D mink eyelashes range from 4 to 8 layers.

3D mink eyelashes look more dense and full, more 3D effect. Once customers like 3D mink eyelashes will be fascinated by it. It makes people feel like they can’t wait to wear it.

We have many styles of eyelashes. The effect that design reflects differently also is different, the beauty that it brings you is different also.

Some eyelashes look more natural, others look very attractive. If you compare our lashes to cheap lashes. Believe you won’t use cheap false eyelash again for certain .

You might say there’s a market for cheap mink eyelashes. You are wrong to think so. Because markets always move.

The customer is in pursuit of better quality eyelash. If you sell bad eyelashes. Your customers will have a bad experience. Your customers will slowly drain away.

With all your customers gone, your business is at risk of going out of business. Do you agree with me? Did you then think of promoting high-end eyelashes?

We have more than 100 styles of mink eyelashes

We have made great efforts to meet all the requirements of our customers. And we are constantly designing new styles .

The eyelash design that we designed went from more natural to more open, to very dramatic eyelash later, received the pursuit after both hands of broad consumer.

And lead the international eyelash fashion. Recently, we have designed 10 lashes with lashes length of 25mm. which is independently developed by our company.

25mm lashes are unique in the market. It’s very popular in the market! If you’re looking for a more dramatic look.

Then you will like our large mink eyelashes, which look very full. As a production supplier, we really hope to bring you more choices of styles. Create an eye style for your customers’ daily wear!

Different styles make you feel different every day.

Wholesale Mink Eyelashes Vendor and 25 mm Mink strip Lashes Manufacturer

About Our Wholesale Mink Eyelashes Company

Anrlashes   is the most professional Wholesale Mink Eyelashes Vendor and 25mm Mink strip Lashes Manufacturer in China. It has long been dedicated to designing, producing and selling 3D mink lashes, regular mink eyelashes, mink strip lashes, and ordinary velvet eyelashes. With 20 years of experience,Covergirl Factory has become the largest manufacturer of  mink eyelashes wholesale in Shandong, China,and an eyelash foreign trade vendor.

Our wholesale mink lashes are sold all over the world, mainly in Europe and the United States. The annual sales volume is about 1 million pairs. Moreover, all of our products are qualified for quality inspection. The following are the certificates of our products and some photos of our partners with foreign countries.


mink lashes wholesale

As a global wholesale mink lashes vendor, our products have not only been recognized by our customers, but also recognized by many world authorities. We will continue to work hard to improve quality, design more styles, and provide better eyelashes for eyelash customers around the world.

Our mink eyelashes are top quality, all handmade, and every process is very strict. Pure hand-made can not only ensure the high quality of the eyelashes, but also ensure that the eyelashes are symmetrical and can guarantee the delivery cycle.
Our mink lashes are top and each pair of mink eyelash can be reused 20-25 times. Our mink lash can be washed by water, after washed you can dry it with a hair dryer.

Product 3D Mink Lashes Features:

Our eyelashes are very light and soft, not only very soft hair, but also very soft eyeliner. Our eyelashes are very comfortable to wear because the Mink Hair is very light and very soft, wearing on the eyes very elegant. It is because we always focus on the user experience, so our products will always be sought after by users.

Our eyelashes can be used more than 20 times, thanks to our very soft eyeliner. This is the latest process that we have developed independently. Can make the user forever young, always the center of the crowd.

Our eyelash style is very popular. Every new one will sell 80,000 pairs in 2 months. It can quickly bring you great popularity and a large number of profits.


China Best Wholesale 3D Mink Lashes Vendor and Manufacturer

Anrlashes  is professional Wholesale Mink Lashes Manufacturer and 25mm Siberian Mink Lashes Vendors From China , Anrlashes is always dedicated in Eyelash Vendors Wholesale Real 3D Mink Lashes cruelty free ,Faux Mink Lashes ,3D Silk Lashes 3d artificial mink fur eyelash,and other fashsionable Fake Mink Eyelashes,  We are a honest 3d real siberian mink fur Lash Vendors ,

Our Eyelash Manufacturer Have 25mm mink strip lashes wholesale new design Term and Mink Eyelash Quality control department , wholesale mink eyelashes service Terms. As a trust mink eyelash vendors We have more than 20 years’ experience on mink lash vendors wholesale in USA and out mink lashes Style 3D09A and 3D13B IS top selling in Usa

Anrlashes already become a leading of 3D Mink strip lash manufacturer in China and Eyelash Vendors in Usa now. We mink lash vendors wholesale in USA very Gorgeous mink lashes top Qualilty . As a Luxury mink lash vendors We also have a has a mink lasehs cheap but reasonable price for good quality for bulk mink lashes orders

100% Handmade Mink Fur Hair and 100% Cruelty-Free


Siberian Mink Fur
High qualit lashes are derived from high quality materials

As the top quality mink lashes vendor the raw materials of our 3D eyelashes are all Siberian mink hair,

and the Siberian hair is not only smooth and textured, but also has no broken hair.

Our mink hair is cruelty free and you can rest assured to buy it .

The Mink Lashes Fur is 100% Cruelty-Free ,

it is come from the Mink drop hair during in the spring and Autuma season .

Packaging Box Private Label

After you pay, we can deliver the goods immediately, because in most cases we have enough stock to be able to deliver quickly. Because we have enough knowledge and confidence in our products, we will keep a large inventory so that we can deliver the goods immediately when you need it.

If you do not have special requirements, our products will be shipped before the use of ultraviolet bacteriostasis, the use of aseptic dust packaging you buy eyelashes. Keep it in perfect shape when it arrives in your hands. We also provide custom packaging services that can design your private label packaging for you free of charge. If you order both eyelashes and eyelashes from us at the same time, we can install eyelashes for you free of charge so that you can sell them directly after receiving the goods, which will save you energy and cost.

We will also use waterproof dustproof packaging in the outer packaging of cargo boxes, do our best to protect your interests. We are your most reliable supplier friend.

Private Label Customized Mink Eyelashes Packing Box


Our 3D Mink Lashes Vendors Transport:

We use international express to transport your goods, it only takes 2-9 days to reach any corner of the world. The shipping companies we cooperate with are FedExour DHLX DPEX UPSU ARAMEX TNT and so on, which can ensure that your goods reach your hands quickly and safely.

The Way To Cooperation With US

1.Send Guerlain Mink Lashes Factory Your Demand

2.Cooperation With Guerlain Mink Lashes Factory

3.Guerlain Mink Lashes Factory Payment 1.T/T 2.W/U 3.M/G 4. Paypal 5.Alibaba

4.Guerlain Mink Lashes Factory Workers

5.Guerlain Mink Lashes Factory DHL Fedex UPS Courier Mink Lashes For You

6.Guerlain Mink Lashes Factory Aftermarket Team

AnrLashes Team:

Our company has more than 60 people, divided into specialized production team, design team, sales team and after-sales team. Be able to properly solve any problems we may encounter for you.

Our production team is a group of energetic young people, they are full of enthusiasm, for you to strictly control the quality of products, strict control of production cycle, to ensure that your goods can reach your hands in time.

Our design team is a group of highly imaginative and creative designers who can modify and innovate eye eyelash style and private custom packaging design according to your requirements. They are the most creative people in our team.

Our sales team is responsible for direct communication with you. Each of them has undergone professional training, has rich professional knowledge and excellent service quality, provides you with the most professional advice and brings you a happy purchasing experience.

Our after-sales service is the easiest job in our company, because our professionalism can help us to prevent most of the problems, we rarely need after-sales team

However, if you need to, they must wait 24 hours for your message.

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